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    AACTA Award 2016 - Best Original Music Score in a Documentary

    "Monsieiur Mayonnaise" dir. Trevor Graham

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    "Monsieur Mayonnaise " Film Première at the Melbourne International Film Festival 31 July 2016

  • Recording 'Red Dog: True Blue'.
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    Stuart McDonald’s comedy inspired by the true story of chicken farmer Swampy Marsh, who deploys his sheepdog to protect an endangered Fairy Penguin population, starring Shane Jacobson, Sarah Snook, Coco Gillies and Alan Tudyk, rang up $1.07 million in its first four days on 289 screens, including limited previews.

    Steve Kearney, who produced Oddball with Richard Keddie and Sheila Hanahan Taylor, tells IF, “It’s been a blessed production.