2019           KOKO - THE RED DOG STORY 

2019           ME AND MY LEFT BRAIN (dir.Alex Lycos)

2018           PICNIC AT HANGING ROCK (dir.Larysa Kondracki)

 2017          TIGER (dir.Alister Grierson)

 2017          LITTLE J & BIG CUZ (dir.Tony Thorne)

 2016           MONSIEUR MAYONNAISE (dir.Trevor Graham)

 2016           RED DOG: TRUE BLUE (dir.Kriv Stenders)                                  

2015            KARBALA (dir.Krzysztof Lukaszewicz)

2015            ODDBALL (dir. Stuart Mc Donald)

2015               WOMEN HE'S UNDRESSED (dir. Gillian Armstrong)

2014               TURKEY SHOOT (Dir.Jon Hewitt)

2014               JEZIORAK (Dir.Michal Otlawski)

2014               PARER’S WAR (Dir.Alister Grieson)

2013               THE BROKEN SHORE (ABC TV) , (Dir Rowan Woods)

with Claudia Karvan and Don Hany. 

2013               SERANGOON ROAD (Dir.Peter Andrikidis and Tony Tilse)

Don Hany and Joan Chen

2013               ONCE MY MOTHER (ABC TV) (dir Sophia Turkiewicz)

2012              THE MYSTERY OF A HANSOM CAB (ABC TV (dir.Shawn Seet)

                          with John Waters and Shane Jacobson      

2012              HANYUT/ALMAYER’S FOLLY   (dir.U-Wei Haji Saari)

                         with Peter O’Brien and Sofia Jane 

2012               THE SAPPHIRES ( dir.Wayne Blair)

                    with Chris O’Dowd and Jessica Maulboy 


CATASTROPHE (dir Wiktor Skrzynecki) 

2011              RED DOG (Dir.Kriv Stenders)

                with Josh Lucas and Rachael Taylor. 

2010              BENEATH HILL 60 (Dir,Jeremy Simms)

                 with Brendan Cowell, Harrison Gilberton 

2009              BRAN NUE DAE (Dir. Rachel Perkins)

                  with Geoffrey Rush and Missy Higgins                

2009             LOVE ,LUST & LIES  (Dir. Gilian Armstrong)

2009            BLESSED (dir.Ana Kokkinos)

                with Frances O’Connor and Miranda Otto 

2008            DEATH DEFYING ACTS (Dir.Gillian Armstrong)

                with Catherine Zeta- Jones and Guy Perace

 2008           CARLA CAMETTI PI  (Buongiorno  Productions) SBS 2008  

2007            NIGHT  (Dir.Lawrence Johnston) 

2006            THE BOOK OF REVELATION (Dir:Ana Kokkinos) with Greta Scacchi                        

2006            THE SOCIETY MURDERS (Ch 10) with Georgie Parker, Alex Dimitriatis 

2005            HATING ALISON ASHLEY (Dir.Geoff Bennett) with Delta Goodrem

2004            THE BRUSH OFF (Dir: Sam Neill) with David Wenham

2003            AFTER THE DELUGE (CoxKnight/Granada) Rachael Griffith & Hugo Weaving 

2003            THE RAGE IN PLACID LAKE (Dir: Tony McNamara) with Rose Byrne

2002             BLACK & WHITE (Dir: Craig Lahiff) with Robert Carlyle, Charles Dance

 2001            LA SPAGNOLA (Dir: Steven Jacobs) with Lola Marcelli                       

2001             AFTER THE RAIN  (Columbia Tristar) 

2001             HALIFAX f.p. (Beyond/Simpson Le Mesurier) 

2001                SHORT CUTS (Burberry Productions)- AFI Award 2001           

2000                BOOTMEN (Dir: Dein Perry)with  Adam Garcia and Sam Worthington                 

2000                THE WOG BOY (Dir: Aleksi Vellis) with Nick Giannopolis 

2000                EUGENIE SANDLER PI (Burberry Productions)- AFI Award 2000 

1999                TWO HANDS (Dir: Gregor Jordan) Heath Ledger, Rose Byrne                       

1999                STRANGE FITS OF PASSION (Dir: Elise McCreedy) with Anni Finsterer                       

1998                WITCH HUNT (Columbia Tristar) with Jacquline Bisset 

1998                THE SOUND OF ONE HAND CLAPPING (Dir: Richard Flannagan)

                        with Kerry Fox and Kristof Kaczmarek 

1998               HURRAH (Dir. Frank Shield)

1997                EXPRESS (ABC TV – Art Programme)

1997                NEIGHBOURS (Grundys TV) 

1996                LILIAN’S STORY (Dir: Jerzy Domaradzki) with Toni Collette                        

1996                SWEAT (Barron TV/ABC TV)

1995                DRIVEN CRAZY (ABC TV) 

1994                SKYTRACKERS (Australian Childrens TV Foundation/ABC) -AFI Award 1995



2018                 THE SEARCH - Queensland Symphony Orchestra

2017                 BLESSED - Adelaide Symphony Orchestra

 2007                NIGHT – Polish National Symphony Orchestra

 2004                 COMMOMWEALTH GAMES - Melbourne 2006 – Melbourne Symphony Orchestra

 2001                 DESOXY Contemporary Ballet (Victorian Arts Centre)

 1991                SOUNDESCAPE (Melbourne & Adelaide Festivals)

 1981                ‘SYMPHONY’ Home at Last (Ministry of Arts and ABC TV)

 2005                        Conducted the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra and Melbourne Chorale in the performance of 'Carmina Burana' by Carl Orff for Big Ad.


2007                AUSTRALIA –THE LAND OF PARROTS (ABC TV) dir. David Parer

2006                THE BIG BLUE (ABC TV) dir.Jennifer Clevers 

2006                MAGIC BULLET (SBS TV) dir.Gordon Glenn 

2005                ONCE A QUEEN (SBS TV) dir Lawrence Johnston 

2005                THE DREAM OF LOVE   (SBS TV) dir.Lawrence Johnston 

2004                PASSPORT TO PARENTHOOD  (SBS TV) dir.Davor Dirlic 

2003                ONE PERCENTERS  (Martin Brown Films - ABC TV) 

2002                MOTHER THERESA Commemorative Documentary (ABC USA) 

2001                LAST PRIMATES OF MADAGASCAR 100 min (The Crocodile Hunter) 

2001                KANGAROO ISLAND  (ABC TV) dir.Gordon Glenn 

1997                HARD WORDS (Cradle Films) dir.Gordon Glenn 

1996                AUSTRALIA THE BIG PICTURE  (ABC TV) 

1995                FIRST DAY 90min (ABC TV/ACTF) dir.Gordon Glenn